QuickCall Web-Pi v1.7.3

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Pubblicato: 20/02/2017

demo version
Web portal, with a shared address book, designed to make calls with just a click! Platform-based Raspberry Pi, It's easy to install and configure.

QuadroCall for PBX Epygi


Lunacom is pleased to announce the release of QuadroCall, a desktop call management application for Windows PCs. QuadroCall is Lunacom’s first step to offer a comprehensive Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software suite with Epygi's PBX integration.

It makes dialing and handling phone calls simplier and faster by adding click-to-call functionality into desktop computer. It also adds call notifications directly to the Windows desktop.

QuadroCall is made for call-centers, sales organizations, or anyone who spends much of his time on the phone. QuadroCall works by sending the phone number you wish to dial to your Epygi PBX and initiating a call-back to your phone. When you answer the incoming call, PBX dials out to the number you clicked.

About QuadroCall

QuadroCall software has a clean and user-friendly interface. It takes very little space on your desktop, and can be minimized to the tray.

QuadroCall sends the phone number you wish to dial to your Quadro PBX and initiate a call back to your phone. Once your phone rings you pick it up and it will be connected to the number you called.

Simple and easy to use, QuadroCall is a must-have product to complete your Quadro PBX*.

QuadroCall Pro v3.3.0

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Pubblicato: 22/06/2015

demo version
The full version with all features! It requires 3pcc.

QuadroCall Lite v1.0.5

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Pubblicato: 28/03/2012

free version
This version does not require 3pcc; the installation and usage are similar to the Pro version.

QuadroCall CLD v1.0.0

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Pubblicato: 30/03/2011

free version
QuadroCall "Command Line Dial" makes calls via command line. It's very simple and it does not require 3pc!
* To use Quadro PBX with a QuadroCall application the "3pcc/Click2Dial Login Allowed" checkbox should be enabled for each extension(s) using this feature.

Please send an email to info@lunacom.net to ask questions or request feature enhancements.